About Who am I?

About Me

I'm a games programming student, with the aspiration to make great games for people to enjoy. I've been working toward being able to achieve this for years, and plan to continue to deveop my skills by constantly learning new languages, environments, and frameworks!

Over the years of developing the skills I have now, I have worked with a variety of other developers, and have gained a plethora of abilities relating to software and games development.

What I am doing now:

I am currently working part time at Playground Games, whilst completing my bachelor of science in Computer Games Programming, which I have gone into after completing an extended diploma in software development. Some of my projects are available on my GitHub and most of my games and projects will be featured on my portfolio.

Whilst studying for my bachelor of science I am also an active part of my universities Game Development Society, to hopefully allow me to gain connections and collaborate with other developers to create games.

Programming Languages I have Experience With:
Frameworks I have Experience With:
Game Engines I have used:

Past Skills and Experience

I have completed my Extended Diploma in software development receiving a D*D*D, this was achieved over the course of two years, and included the learning of a multitude of skills such as:

Over the last year, I have worked on multiple personal games projects to aquire new skills involved with development.