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GGJ 2021 - Press 'B' To Bark!

Using Unity we worked as a team to create a game over the course of 4 days. The game centers around the tale of a dog left at the beach that must trade with people and explore to find their way home.

On this I worked with:

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DirectX11 Advanced Rendering Engine


For my final year graphics module I created a DirectX11 rendering engine that has support for a wide range of advanced rendering techniques, including Parallax Mapping and Post-Processing.

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DirectX11 Rigidbody Physics Engine


For my physics assignment in the second year of my degree I needed to create a reusable directX physics engine aimed around creating realistic physics interactions between gameobjects within the level. In implementing this I created particle and rigidbody physics, along with an object pool based particle system, and an observer pattern messaging system for cross class communication. For collisions I created simple Bounding Sphere and Bounding Box, however I also implemented SAT based colliders for the cubes.

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Artificial Intelligence Tank

For my Artificial Intelligence module I was tasked with creating an AI tank that could complete a maze whilst avoiding enemy agents and collecting 3 objectives along the way; which also involved the tank needing to display intelligent behaviour and react to the enemy agents when encountering them.

To achieve this goal I created a range of different Steering Behaviours to allow my tank to be able to safely navigate and control itself around the level. I also implemented the DRS pathfinding algorithm to generate the tanks paths, allowing it to find the fastest route to any given object; and the whole system was controlled by a Fuzzy State machine that I setup to intelligently blend states whenever the code needed to.

I also tested multiple of my own tank against eachother in a battle royale, which can be seen here.

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GGJ 2019 - Fridge Raiders

For Global Game Jam 2019 I worked with a hoarde defense game where you defend your kitchen from clay men that are after your food! For this project I created the enemy AI and animation trees.

I worked with:

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Game Rendering Engine DirectX 11


I was recently tasked with creating a graphics engine in DirectX11 that had strict requirements of level etc; to meet this I have created this simple scene that includes a range of graphics techniques: Phong shading, specular mapping, alpha clipping, obj loading, billboarding, render distance management, and an accurate skybox that is mapped to an inverted cube.

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Concurrently Networked StreetFighter


For a module at university I was tasked with creating a networked application of some form using c# and windows forms.

For this brief I looked at 2D games I thought would be great to play with others online and decided to create a partial remake of Street Fighter Alpha 3. Doing this involved me creating a backend API for connecting my game code to the windows form for rendering sprites and animations and syncing them between clients.

I used the Windows Forms tick function as a locked gameloop and then used multithreading to asynchronously do the networking and rendering.

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Spider-man swinging in UE4

For my first assignment of the second year of my university course we were given 6 weeks to create anything in Unreal 4 C++. After playing Spider-Man Ps4 I wanted to try my hand at recreating the swinging system from it, and this is what I made.

The Art was sourced from a variety of places, and all programming was done by me.

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The Ultimate Clock Simulator


For my second semester of Graphical Systems I was tasked with creating an application from scratch using OpenGL. All objects in the scene are loaded via an OBJ loader that I created myself for this assignment, along with this; all objects in the scene are stored, updated, and drawn from within a scene graph that I created and implimented from scratch.

Other features:

  • The clock can be interacted with via a raycast system I created for this project
  • All walls have collisions that I created
  • The lights can be turned on and off at runtime
  • The program can be made fullscreen and windowed at runtime

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Jungle Adventure & Mario Bros


For my second semester of university I had to create a simple clone of the arcade classic Mario Bros, however I decided to also make an entirely different game aswell; which is a 2D platformer based around navigating a jungle and avoiding skeletons. Both sections of the project were created using the SDL framework.

The art for the jungle adventure segment of the project was created by Jesse m on

The music for the Jungle Adventure is from Komiku on Free Music Archive

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GGJ2018 - Flippers Frequency

For Global Game Jam 2018 I worked with a small team to create an underwater rogue-like in which the players fights against submarines as a variety of underwater creatures. On this project I did the shader programming, level generation programming, and I did the programming on the menus and UI.

Other people I worked on this with were:

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Generic Top Down RPG


As an early part of my degree I was tasked with creating a 2D game without the use of a games engine using a relatively low level API for things such as vector handling. The overall project went very well with me achieving 100% in the unit after completing it. To create this project I used art assets from armm1998 on Open Game Art.

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This is an endless runner game I created whilst testing different methods for procedural generation. The game was created in Uniy c#. I used a variety of differnet generation methods to see how different methods worked and which would be best suited for similar projects in the future.

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A portal inspired puzzle game I created for my final year of college. The game was developed in Unity c# and was made to a strict brief, which sadly included intentional bugs and issues in the game - meaning it has many base issues and I do not plan to continue it's development.

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City Builder

Wilst in Wales for a week over the summer break between college and university, I created a small 2d city building game using art from

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