This Is My Portfolio (It's Where I Keep My Old Projects)


GGJ 2021 - Press 'B' To Bark!

Using Unity we worked as a team to create a game over the course of 4 days. The game centers around the tale of a dog left at the beach that must trade with people and explore to find their way home.

On this I worked with:

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GGJ2018 - Flippers Frequency

For Global Game Jam 2018 I worked with a small team to create an underwater rogue-like in which the players fights against submarines as a variety of underwater creatures. On this project I did the shader programming, level generation programming, and I did the programming on the menus and UI.

Other people I worked on this with were:

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This is an endless runner game I created whilst testing different methods for procedural generation. The game was created in Uniy c#. I used a variety of differnet generation methods to see how different methods worked and which would be best suited for similar projects in the future.

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A portal inspired puzzle game I created for my final year of college. The game was developed in Unity c# and was made to a strict brief, which sadly included intentional bugs and issues in the game - meaning it has many base issues and I do not plan to continue it's development.

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City Builder

Wilst in Wales for a week over the summer break between college and university, I created a small 2d city building game using art from

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