This Is My Portfolio (It's Where I Keep My Old Projects)


DirectX11 Advanced Rendering Engine


For my final year graphics module I created a DirectX11 rendering engine that has support for a wide range of advanced rendering techniques, including Parallax Mapping and Post-Processing.

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DirectX11 Rigidbody Physics Engine


For my physics assignment in the second year of my degree I needed to create a reusable directX physics engine aimed around creating realistic physics interactions between gameobjects within the level. In implementing this I created particle and rigidbody physics, along with an object pool based particle system, and an observer pattern messaging system for cross class communication. For collisions I created simple Bounding Sphere and Bounding Box, however I also implemented SAT based colliders for the cubes.

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Game Rendering Engine DirectX 11


I was recently tasked with creating a graphics engine in DirectX11 that had strict requirements of level etc; to meet this I have created this simple scene that includes a range of graphics techniques: Phong shading, specular mapping, alpha clipping, obj loading, billboarding, render distance management, and an accurate skybox that is mapped to an inverted cube.

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